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Paid CTV Platform

For academic institutions, corporations and experts who to create their own online schools we offer a customizable paid-platform for use. With this product, you’ll be able to easily upload digital content and create courses online. Your students will have their own user profiles and gain access to course videos, online quizzes, discussion boards and more.

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CTV for the Community

For individuals who want to expand their knowledge or learn a new subject - we have a free online learning catalog. This catalog allows you to easily find and watch thousands of free online learning videos. You can even use the CTV Platform for free if you make your courses public to the CTV community.

Open Free Courses

Key Features of the CTV Platform

For Administrators

Content Synchro-Manager

Content Synchro-Manager

We want to let you do what you do best: teach. So, we’ve made it super easy to create courses and synchronize content online through the platform. This tool allows administrators to easily import and synchronize all digital course content (videos, slides, handouts) together in an expandable timeline. It is exceptionally visual and intuitive - even for non-techie teachers.

Online Grading

Online Grading

With the CTV platform, you can easily create and manage grades. It can also associate the students’ online grades with their grades from offline assignments as well, meaning you don’t have to worry about duplicating and losing anything in translation.

Analytics Engine

Analytics Engine

Want to know how your students are doing in their courses? The built-in analytics tools allow administrators to visually determine which learning concepts students are struggling in and the monitor their progress. You can dive deeper into the analytics and even pinpoint at-risk students.

For Students

In-Video Quizzes

In-Video Quizzes

Instructors can create in-video quizzes to test students on concepts covered within short video segments. Students can receive automated feedback on their answers and revisit topics they have not fully mastered.

Personalized / Social Learning

Personalized / Social Learning

The platform allows students to create their own user profiles and follow their peers in the CTV network. The platform can suggest courses to the student based on his interests from his profile. Students can ask their peers and instructors any questions online in the course forums.

Optimized User Experience

Optimized User Experience

We understand that in the digital age, you need things on the go. Our platform is optimized to make it easy for students to learn - whether they are at their computers or on their mobile devices. We will soon launch a mobile app to make it even easier to watch lectures and take quizzes directly on your mobile device.

Top 5 reasons People Choose CTV

Ease of use

Everything we do is meant to help you teach and your students learn. With ClassroomTV you can easy create content and your students can focus in learning what you have to teach.

Social Learning

ClassroomTV offers a comprehensive set of social learning tools that enhance the students experience. From discussion boards all the way to social profiles for every student.


With ClassroomTV it has never been easier to reach a broader audience. Our online educational platform hosted in the cloud as well as all our tools are meant to reduce your workload.


ClassroomTV is open 24/7, allows you to customize the look and feel of your courses and choose between a broad set of teaching activities. You can not only create single courses but also holistic educational programs aimed at mastering a knowledge field.


Why give credit to someone else for your content? ClassroomTV allows you to brand your online educational paltform under your own brand and your own website.