Our vision

We strongly believe in a world where education can be delivered in a scalable, personalized, and engaging manner, since we are all unique individuals with various interests, skills, and a desire to learn at our own pace and time.

We dream of a world where every institution will offer top online educational programs to the public, where companies will help every individual succeed and develop their skills by teaching them what they are best at. By doing so, we will not only help individuals, but also institutions to be more productive, effective and efficient.

Our mission is to empower institutions with a powerful platform to build their own online schools.

Paid CTV Platform

For academic institutions, corporations and experts who to create their own online schools we offer a customizable paid-platform for use. With this product, you’ll be able to easily upload digital content and create courses online. Your students will have their own user profiles and gain access to course videos, online quizzes, discussion boards and more.

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CTV for the Community

For individuals who want to expand their knowledge or learn a new subject - we have a free online learning catalog. This catalog allows you to easily find and watch thousands of free online learning videos. You can even use the CTV Platform for free if you make your courses public to the CTV community.

Open Free Courses

We are happy to be trusted by prestigious companies and academic institutions

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